January 2: The Usual (With Pork)

CAM00468If I’m kind of too tired to cook, or at least my brain is too tired to think of what to cook, this is what we eat. Honestly, we eat this all the (damned) time. I can do it start to finish in about 30 minutes, and make leftovers to eat tomorrow….. Tonight the protein was thick Pork Chops, but it’s usually Spencer Steaks (which are just a Rib Eye with the bone taken out, and held back together with twine, making them easily two servings.) But, when in doubt, this covers all the bases, and is totally paleo: protein, fat, green veggies, starchy veggie.

Boring as it is, this is how I default in thinking about what to eat. Not “just” “what is easy” but really “what’s the easiest way to get nutrients in me.” Not just calories. Nutrients.  Continue reading