Day 27 – You Get NOTHING

Seriously.  I had a hotdog about noon and then I’m not hungry… Z and Family fended for themselves.  I worked, coding a new website for work… ok, learning to code a new website for work.


Day 26 – Baked Ziti

Start with some mild Italian Sausage (not in casing), add 3 cloves of garlic, a small can of tomato paste and a tablespoon of basil.  Cook until the sausage is browned and add 4 diced roma tomatoes and 4 diced hot-house tomatoes and cook until reduced into a delicious sauce.   Add to some cooked ziti, and pour over cubed mozzarella, add some more shredded on top and bake at 350 for about 15-20 minutes and serve.   We almost didn’t have leftovers and the Kid ate more than half before he remembered that he should be asking how much he had left to eat before he got dessert.

Day 25 – Home Alone


Ok, it’s not that bad. Z went to visit a friend a few hours away.  The roomies went over to another friends house so the kids can run their own legs off.  It’s quiet and to celebrate I’m reheating some more of the etouffee.  I add the shrimp and crawfish tails after I heat the sauce/gravy and it has really blended well in the fridge.   The heat has settled to a nice flavor with a back end burn that doesn’t kill.  So far this stuff has made four dinners and 5 lunches and there’s still another serving.

Day 22 – Good-bye dinner

Tonight was the good-bye dinner for a co-worker.   He’s moving on to better things.  We celebrated with beers and artisanal grilled cheese at a little hipster bar down the street from the shop.   Mine was a Swiss and Rye with saurkraut, corned beef, and Russian dress…**eyes narrow suspiciously** Wait.. Did I Get a Reuben??? … yes… Yes I got a Rueben.    It was delicious.  The place also makes tater tots instead of fries and I think that should be a federal law.   The craft beers and ciders are locally brewed.  I had a delicious pear cider that I want more of.