My dinner is uninspired

Burger, sugar snap peas, and potatoes

The burger is some seasoned browned ground beef. The sugar snaps are from the freezer. I salt roasted the potatoes, some of the last from our winter share. I am still sick and now Kevin is, too.


Pork butt pot roast

Pot roast of pork butt, carrots, cabbage, and celeriac

Pot roast of pork butt, carrots, cabbage, and celeriac

I’m really sick today, so I made an easy dinner. I mashed up a lot of garlic, added some dried oregano, salt, and pepper, and rubbed that all over a piece of pork butt (which comes from the shoulder, despite the name). I peeled some carrots and celeriac, quartered a cabbage, and put all that in the crock pot, then laid the meat on top and let it cook all day on high until you could eat it with a spoon.

Chicken and rice

Chicken thigh, broccoli, and brown rice

Eating like I’m on some kind of diet? No, this was just what was easy today. I have a miserable head cold and didn’t want to have to work very hard at dinner tonight. I baked some chicken thighs with some dry seasonings on them (oregano, salt and pepper, garlic and onion powders), warmed up frozen broccoli with butter, and did the same for some brown rice (that I originally made to go with leftovers from Chinese delivery).

Typical winter weekday dinner

Beef sirloin, turnips, and sweet potato

Beef sirloin, turnips, and sweet potato

It’s a little special because it’s got steak in it. Like Alyssa‘s, our dinners tend to look like this: some meat, some kind of starchy or sweet vegetable, and another vegetable, usually green. We’re WAPFish, Paleo-esque, nondenominational types. Tonight’s green vegetable is yellow turnip. Continue reading