Day 11: My Sister’s in Town So It’s All-Restaurants All the Time!

photo 1

Here’s what I’d like to do every day of my life: Eat in restaurants.

Whenever we have someone special visiting, we take that opportunity to be completely irresponsible and eat in restaurants for lunch and dinner every day. Such was this weekend. We had Islands, as you saw, on the 10th day. Well, tonight was way better, and made up for my disappointment over not spending basically a mortgage payment on dinner at Nobu.

So after going to my friend Shanel’s store, where I bought a pair of my favorite jeans (the brand is called 3×1 and they’re expensive but ridiculously worth it), we walked up the street to R+D Kitchen, on Montana Blvd in Santa Monica.

I had the most ridiculous steak (rare – but order it medium rare if you don’t want it raw, the photo shows medium rare if you can believe that), and my sister and I shared an appetizer of the deviled eggs. I know, I know, I know, that sounds like a gross appetizer but they are FUCKING AWESOME and I’m sorry I can’t be more polite in describing them but they are fucking awesome. That’s all I can say.

Ivan had a salad and some of my steak, the kids had the amaaaaazing grilled cheese they make for children (we had them add bacon because my children are trying to give me a stroke – I don’t eat pork).

My sister and I also shared a Moscow Mule made with Chopin vodka. It was good, I would’ve liked a tiny bit of simple syrup in it, as the ginger beer was super sharp. That it was spicy, and that was great.

Sorry my only photo is of the steak in the to-go box. I was too busy eating to remember to snap a shot until I was done!

I've never taken a bathroom selfie before, but this mirror was cool.

I’ve never taken a bathroom selfie before, but this mirror was cool.


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