Jan 09: Food Shelf and Taco Bell

Today, I made my monthly pilgrimage to our local Food Shelf. Actually, I didn’t go last month because extended family members gave me a gift card for the holiday season and I was able to buy some “luxuries” — for which the GOP will certainly castigate me as a “taker”.

Fuck you. Continue reading


Taco Tuesday! (Just like in Bricksburg)



Jan. 6 – Ground beef tacos, on a Tuesday, just like in Bricksburg.

I didn’t think to take a picture of the food before being served and eaten, so this time it’s a picture of the family table near the end of dinner. My wife prepared everything, which mean browning the meat, adding taco seasoning from a bag or jar (I’m not sure which this time) and prepping the fixins and sides. You can see a little Continue reading