Pork souvlaki wrap

Pork souvlaki wrap from Filo’s

Kevin and I are both still sick, so we didn’t do our usual Thursday night with the boys. Instead, we ordered in dinner for us both, and watched an episode of “Doctor Who.” He got the bulgogi and kimchi calzone this time, and I got a pork souvlaki wrap. When I’m in good health, I eat the whole thing and look for dessert but today, although it is just as delicious as usual, I have less appetite.


Day 32 – Lisa – Long time no talk

You haven’t heard from me for quite awhile for one simple reason, I haven’t cooked since the last time I posted.  I’ve cooked breakfast, lunch, frozen dinners, and microwave popcorn but I haven’t cooked a complete homemade dinner this whole time.  You know what else, I’m not feeling all that guilty about it.  I’ve had some good sushi, pizza, and Italian food so don’t worry about my health.  All is good.


No picture tonight. We went to Sid’s for the weekly gathering this week, and ordered take out from a local place that serves typical American restaurant fare. Kevin and Dave got Thai lettuce wraps and Sid and I got barbecue plates. Mine was brisket with mash and coleslaw. The brisket was served with two slices of white bread, and a piece of cornbread studded with something green that I really hope was jalapeno. I had a bite of it but couldn’t get over the unappealing color long enough to put down another serving of starch. White bread is just the thing under sliced, braised meat and thick gravy, though, even the sweet kind.

Another sacred meal (by Flying Spaghetti Monster standards)

CPK kunk pao spaghetti


Jan. 9 – Kung pao spaghetti take-out from California Pizza kitchen

In a recent post I mentioned that I’m not the type of person who likes to get something different every time from the restaurants I go to.  I usually settle in on one or two favorite meals per restaurant and only occasionally vary from those. At California Pizza Kitchen, my most frequent selection is the kung pao spaghetti. It’s spaghetti in some kind of spicy sauce, Continue reading