Day 32 – Lisa – Long time no talk

You haven’t heard from me for quite awhile for one simple reason, I haven’t cooked since the last time I posted.  I’ve cooked breakfast, lunch, frozen dinners, and microwave popcorn but I haven’t cooked a complete homemade dinner this whole time.  You know what else, I’m not feeling all that guilty about it.  I’ve had some good sushi, pizza, and Italian food so don’t worry about my health.  All is good.


Day 22 – Lisa – Bison Bad

Tonight I made bison burgers.  They weren’t good.  They weren’t juicy and fatty like burgers should be and really if I’m going to eat a burger, I want it juicy and fatty.  I stir fried some vegetables as a side dish and put some yummy strawberries out.  My kids had left over pasta because the bison burgers didn’t look too appealing.  Next time I’m hungry for burgers . . . I’m going to have burgers.

Day 21 – Lisa – Hodge Podge

Today was a catch up day in that my daughter and I got home last night after a weekend of college visits.  I didn’t motivate to make dinner until 5:30 which wasn’t really much motivation.  So my kids had pasta with butter, I had leftover salad, and the hubby had a frozen Indian dinner.  I did manage to put a berry salad together so that I could feel better about the hodge podge.

Lisa – Day 16 – Shabbat Shalom

This past summer I was lucky enough to go to Israel with a group of women from Chicago and hundreds of women from around the country.  All of them mothers.  Our first night in Israel, after a beautiful sunset dinner in the north side of the country, we were told that the bodies of three missing Israeli teens had been found.  Thus began a profoundly heartbreaking, yet incredibly meaningful trip.

The women I traveled with became true friends as we learned, mourned, and celebrated our culture and religion.  It was one of the most important weeks of my life as I became more committed to my faith and to Israel and it’s people.  Observant Jews celebrate the Sabbath beginning at sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday.  The Shabbat meal plays an important role (Jews and food, who knew!) in the beautiful tradition of the Shabbos and it was one of the best experiences on our trip.

Last night one of the leaders from our trip invited my family to her home for Shabbat dinner.  There was homemade challah, matzo ball soup, roasted chicken and potatoes, a maple syrup cake for dessert and the absolute pleasure of being with her and her family.  Whenever I am with one of the women from that trip I feel like I’m home.  I’m with my people, my tribe, and my history.

When I arrived home from Israel I had committed to more family Shabbat dinners, and though I have done a few more than prior to the trip, not as many as I had wanted.  Last night reminded me of the beauty of a day of rest, time with family, prayer, and contemplation, not to mention delicious food.


Day 15 – Lisa – Short Order Style

Today was one of those days in which each family member is coming in as another is going out and meals are just tough to do.  I’m sure some of you can relate.  Daughter was out and couldn’t get home until after 6, hubby working late, son had to leave at 6:15 and I had a call at 6:30.  So son got to pick his short order dinner and he wisely chose a toasted bagel with jelly and Nutella, grapes, and green beans.  Daughter ended up meeting friends for dinner so I cooked for hubby and myself.

Have you tried the Jennie-O Turkey Italian Sausages (sweet)?  They are actually really tasty, easy to make, and low in fat and calories.  I made those with stir fried vegetables and red grapes.  Hubby called to tell me that he was going to be really late so it was me, a good book, and my sweet dog for dinner.  It was rather lovely.