The eating habits of a Western Domesticated Shit-for-Brains

Quesadillas, pasta, salad

Quesadillas, pasta, salad … but not in that order

I guess I’m out of the running for the “Perfect Attendance” award in this 365 Dinner Project, but let me tell you about some of the meals of the last week or so.

My wife (who I’ve dubbed “Sutton” for these updates, after my crush on a Broadway performer of the same name) started doing something about a month ago that has done wonders for my stress around dinnertime. She started mapping out a week’s worth of dinners at a time, so it’s kind of like looking at the kids’ school lunch menu. Spaghetti and Meatballs on Monday, Taco Tuesday (Everything is Awesome!) Continue reading


Jan 23: Fish Fry

Every third Friday — except for Lent, when it’s every Friday – one of our local fraternal organizations has a fish fry. And it’s pretty decent. So it’s become a bit of a tradition for me and a friend who buys for both of us. The salads – which consist of iceberg lettuce and some veggies – and desserts, however leave a lot to be desired.

After a brief happy hour with friends, it was straight to pick up fish, go home and get to bed. It was a very exciting day. And, yes, I’m just going to leave you hanging.

Day 21 – Lisa – Hodge Podge

Today was a catch up day in that my daughter and I got home last night after a weekend of college visits.  I didn’t motivate to make dinner until 5:30 which wasn’t really much motivation.  So my kids had pasta with butter, I had leftover salad, and the hubby had a frozen Indian dinner.  I did manage to put a berry salad together so that I could feel better about the hodge podge.